Product News - User Experience Project - Introducing Dave Cutter

Samantha Middleton
Samantha Middleton
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During the migration of FACTS School Management from the back office to the web, several technologies were used due to the length of the transition period. This has created various complexities within the FACTS School Management user interface, which you may have noticed through extra clicks required to reach your destination or varying screen experiences. 

One of our priorities for 2024 is to address these issues, and we are pleased to announce the hiring of David Cutter as our new Product Designer. Dave brings over 20 years of experience in digital and software development and will be spearheading this project starting Tuesday, June 11th. 

The initial steps will involve defining the basic style for FACTS School Management. Each set of screens will be reviewed for workflow and requirements. The project process will include user research, sketching, wireframes, visual design, prototyping, testing, iteration, and development, with a strong emphasis on customer input. 

We look forward to seeing the benefits of this project, aligning with our aspiration to have a fully provisioned SAAS Student Management System in the Azure Cloud by the end of 2025. 


Ray Potter
FACTS School Management
Head of Product



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