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1- How to register,

Please see refer to this article. For Partners - How to Register to become an API Partner

Once registered, please let us know and email us at fsm-support@factsmgt.com.au  and we will activate your registration.


2- How to Login

Once registered we will approve and an automated email will be sent out to let you know when the registration has been approved.

Once approved, you can Sign-in to the Portal https://fsm-portal.factsmgt.com.au/user/login with the same credentials that you provided when you registered.


3- How to find how the API Library documentation

Once logged in, click on the API Library, in here you will find everything that you need to Test API Library, ie., all the endpoints, how to make a call and what are the parameters and security.


4- How to Add Schools to my API Library once API Partner is Activated.

Please contact the school and request for the Register and API Key then follow the steps here to add the School: For Partners - How to Add Schools once API Partner is Activated


For Schools, please follow this article to generate all the credentials.

API Library - How to set up a partner link.


5. Email FSM Support fsm-support@factsmgt.com.au with your Public IP Range.

We will whitelist your Public IP as access is IP Restricted.


Additional References:

How to access datamining thru Partner API

How to test using Postman

What to do when API Token Expired






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