Strategic Priorities, 2024

Samantha Middleton
Samantha Middleton
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Our senior team recently met to discuss and finalise our 2024 Priorities. They were agreed as follows: -

1. Web Debtors & Finance modules
2. Shut down Back Office support by 31/12/2024
3. Discontinue support & servicing of point-of-sale by 31/12/2024
4. Transition existing self-hosted customers to Azure by 31/12/2025
5. Security and the upgrade of the .Net framework 4.8 and .NET 8.
6. Progress the User Interface experience.
7. Expand the use of vendors using the API library.
8. Enhance our self-service support model by deploying communities and an overhaul of the current self-help documentation.

Many of these priorities are already underway. The first round of Web Debtors development has already been completed and is currently being tested. Thank you for all the customers who are participating in this through the design studio process.

Please click on this link to read our email release

More detailed and further information will be provided to you throughout the year, specifically around these priorities. I am excited about what is ahead and look forward to working with a customer base in the Azure cloud and providing you with the best possible School Management System.




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