Allocating Areas of Assessment per subject

Lisa Sutcliffe
Lisa Sutcliffe
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Path: Curriculum Overview > Subjects > Subjects & Curriculum Plans

Securities needed: 908, 490

To allocate your areas of assessment you must have first.

1. Allocated the subjects to the students

2. Built your Curriculum Plan

1. Click on the Mortar Board icon of the subject you wish to use (Manage Curriculum)

This will take you to the Selection Criteria page

1. Options Select 'Add Missing entries' (they are missing because you haven't added them yet).
2. Set Select the set (curriculum plan) you wish to work with. If it hasn't been tagged under the curriculum plan you can select it here. 
3. Classifications Select the type of Assessment/s you wish to use.
4. Fields to Update This defaults to everything ticked and you may delete information stored so be careful. Best practice would be to untick everything and then just tick one option that is fairly innocuous eg: sort order.
5. Generate List This will take you to the next tab where you can confirm your 'Changes Selected' and process them

1. Subject Period This will default to the default but you can select any period you wish from the dropdown.
2. Details This lists what you have selected on the previous page so please, do make a final check.
3. Process Click on this to allocate the AOAs.






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