End of Year Rollovers

Geoffrey Whiting
Geoffrey Whiting
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End of year is fast approaching us, and it is time to start thinking about performing your end of year rollovers. 

This year will be the first year that all rollovers will be performed using the web for FACTS School Management, so it will be important to follow the new processes to complete your various end of year procedures.

We’ve been working to painstakingly test the new features and will be releasing them fully soon. They are a vast improvement on the old Back Office processes, taking a fraction of the time to complete.

If you are still using Back Office for your Creditors and General Ledger, you must still perform the rollover using the web. In all versions of FSM after 2023.11.10 these modules will be automatically activated in the web for you to use. From that point on, it’s important that you don’t use Back Office for your Creditors and General Ledger in order to maintain the validity of your data.

** Please note that all schools have now had sufficient time to prepare and transition Creditors & Ledger into the Web, therefore effective 31/12/2023 Back Office will no longer be supported for these functions.  

A special note for remaining Back Office Debtors users:

Debtors rollover must be performed using Back Office. If you are not yet transitioned to the web. 

We will be releasing instructions for performing the rollovers shortly, and if required, may be holding specific webinars to cover the details and address any questions and concerns you may have.



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